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ResponsiveCare™ is a tool designed to make your customer or service feedback process easy and efficient. The features and ideas behind the product have emerged through extensive testing and development with leading Fortune 500 companies, who use ResponsiveCare™ to reach out to their customers and improve their satisfaction levels. The core team behind the company is comprised of market research, marketing and communication experts who have created custom survey solutions for a wide variety of clients- from small start-ups to major corporations. This team takes pride in excellent, personalized customer care and service.

ResponsiveCare™ is part of the iCi portfolio, a comprehensive set of marketing, market research and branding solutions. Led by Allyn Stanton, Lindsey Larkin and Cathy Stanton, iCi is a set of tools designed to help companies find their voice, realize their potential and connect with their customers. These tools also include Advisor,â„¢ a powerful online survey program, and ImageCare, which offers sophisticated branding and marketing services. For more information on iCi or the other tools in this portfolio, please contact us at 828-833-6800.
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